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Sean Hellman - Woodwright Designs

Green woodwork

Shrink pots are made only from green unseasoned wood. A log is hollowed out from end to end. A groove is made near the bottom of one end a disc cut from dry plank bottom is inserted. As the pot dries it shrinks around the disc holding it firm. A lid is then made. This is a skilled job requiring experience and knowledge of techniques and woods. The larger the pot the more difficult it is to make requiring more skill.

Shrink pots are all individual and at the moment we do not list them for sale on this site. If you would like to buy one then please visit me at a show, my workshop or ask to be sent images of the pots, via email, available at this time.

We also run course on how to make your own shrink pots


Oval shrink pot

A small shrink pot made from silver birch and willow.

Click here for more information about this pot on my blog


Standard shrink pots

Sizes from 7cm to 15cm diameter from 10cm to 20cm high

Prices from £45 to £95

wooden drinking cups

Special shrink pots

Exquisitely made and designed shrink pots for collectors, memorial urns, or that special gift.

Prices start from £300

arrows through holes

Large shrink pots

Bigger than 25 cm diameter and up to 65cm high.

Prices start at £350

Birch shrink pot

Made from a single birch log, this one sold for £125

shrink pots

Shrink Pots.

Pots made from a section of a branch or tree trunk, with a thin plank inserted into a groove in the bottom. We use them for tea, coffee and sugar as well as everything else. Again a traditional craft being revived in England by Woodwright Designs

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