Sean Hellman
Woodwright, Artist and Craftsman
Knife, small whittling mackerel.

Knife, small whittling. Ksw

Many years of design has gone into this knife and finally, we are happy to sell them. The shape is perfect for finishing and shaping spoons and fan birds. The tip is very fine and can be broken in inexperienced hands. If you are new to carving wood then practise with knives like the Mora 120 to hone your technique.
The blade has a full clip along the spine with a rounded edge. This clip means that concave cuts are made with ease unlike knives with wider blades which chatter around the cut.
Each knife comes with a wooden sheath held in with a small wooden peg.
The profile is curved along its length, with the blade being 50mm long.
The length of the blade is 60mm in total.
Handle length is about 120mm, with the total overall length with the sheath of 200mm
All profiles and lengths are approximate and all knives are hand made.
Choose from a slightly smaller or larger handle depending on your hand size and personal preferences. We can custom make handles to your own design. After ordering please email with preferred handle size, larger or smaller.
We now offer 2 design options: the original wooden plug option and the brass tube mounting which sits slightly proud of the handle. Both offer the same strength but the brass tube is more expensive.
These knives are made in small batches. We make them in plain wood, often elm or ash, other woods may be used. The ash can be stained black.
The Burr option is a figured wood, we have rippled oak, ebonised with gold wax rubbed into the grain, or burr London plain with a very fine and tight burr pattern. Other woods are sometimes available. Email to find out what is in stock.

£70.00 - £95.00 + delivery

Delivery: This item can be delivered to the UK and Internationally.

  • UK: £7.00    Europe: £9.00    International: £12.00

Product Variation: There are more than one version of this product, please select the product you wish to buy.

Build Time: This item is a made to order product and can take up to 3 weeks to build before delivery.

Returns Policy: If you are not happy with your purchase then you have 14 days to return it for an exchange or refund.

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